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Coil Weight Wheel Charts

Coil Weight Calculator Wheel Charts - function

Calculates the weight of a metal coil using inside and outside coil diameter in English and Metric measures.

Calculates the total weight of coil per strip width and length per thickness in English and Metric.


Product Details

Size: 6.25" diameter dial with an eyeletted hanger extension.
Material: Heavyweight coated calculator board.
Personalization: Your company contact information and colors.
Production: Each order is custom manufactured at significant savings because we use pre-designed function data and dies.

Custom Options

We have produced Coil Weight Calculator wheels for:

  • Carbon steel & Aluminum
  • Carbon steel & Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum Only

Coil Wheel Calculators have been produced in heavy duty calculator board and plastic. Tell us what you need. We can design and produce a custom calculator that will meet your requirements.