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Custom Slide Chart Solutions for Service Industries

Your target audience is overrun by more and more information, and they have less and less time to absorb it. Datalizer converts information into interactive, infographic devices to bridge that time/data gap. We design and manufacture custom Slide Chart and Data Wheel communication tools.

Slide Charts can be the first handshake...the elevator pitch...that captures the user's attention. Data is organized to make it easy to sort and comprehend. By simply turning a wheel or pulling a slide, a well designed infographic Slide Chart engages the user. They provide a "sneak peak" at your key information and are the tactile invitation to visit your website for more resources.

For a closer look at some of the custom solutions we've produced for service industries, just click on the images below.

Custom infographic Slide and Wheel Charts for service industries is one of our specialties. Tell us what you have in mind. We'll consult with you, then develop and manufacture the product that meets your needs.

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Other Examples:

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