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Healthcare, Medical, Pharmaceutical Custom Examples

Datalizer designs and produces devices that streamline the presentation of complex information for busy professionals. Our design specialists know how to condense large amount of data into infographic Slide Charts, Data Wheels and other specialized measuring devices where it can be more easily absorbed by the user.

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Custom solutions for healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical businesses are our specialty. Tell us what you have in mind. We'll consult with you, then develop and manufacture the product that meets your needs.

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Other Examples:

• Medication Dosage Slide Charts  • Dental Products Data Charts  • Generic Drug Name Reference Slide Charts  • Medical Products Reference Slide Charts  • Cancer Risk Educational Wheel Charts  • Daily Activity Reference Slide Guides  • Ergonomic Adjustment Wheels  • BMI Slide Rule Calculators  • Healthy Eating Educational Reference Dials  • OB Pregnancy Wheel Chart Calculators  •