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Engineering and Mathematical Slide Rule Style Calculators

Datalizer develops Slide Rule Style Calculators for engineering and mathematical applications.

Our design specialists organize information and numbers in a format that simpifies formulas and eliminates errors in calculation .

For a closer look at some of the custom engineering and mathematical Slide Chart solutions, just click on the images below.

Custom engineering and mathematical Slide Chart solutions are our specialty. Tell us what you have in mind. We'll consult with you, then develop and manufacture the product that meets your needs.

Other Examples:

• CCTV Lens Range Calculator Wheel Charts  • Conduit Capacity Data Wheels  • DC Power Distribution Slide Rules  • Engineer's Screw Data Reference Slide Charts  • Flow Rate Conversion Slide Rules    • Metric Converter Slide Charts  • Profit Calculator Wheels  • Power Speed Calcualtors  • Trig Function Calculators  •